Arina Tiles
Our challenge :

Arina tiles is a Leading ceramic tiles manufacturer in India.

They Came to us to create a strategic and effective presence on digital networks, centered around the target consumer and their shopping habits. To support this mission, we developed three social media objectives:

  1. Build awareness among target audience.
  2. Grow Website visitors of Website by creating deep connections with audience.
  3. Drive in-store Customers and revenue.

Solution :

Utilizing the content brief given to us at the beginning of every month as a launching point, we began to map out the story we wanted to tell. We used client provided materials as our guide, analyzing photos, videos, and press releases in order to settle on an overarching theme, story or thread that corresponded to the business objective outlined in the brief.

Results :

  • Generated 435K impressions and 186k Reach to Arina Tiles Facebook page with in 6 month.
  • Campaign garnered over 3.5K link clicks at the low CPC of Rs.1.22 (compared to a Rs2.25 CPC benchmark*)
  • Get 263+ New Message Connection, 500+ Comments and 300+ New Calls.